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Larry Hall (Cygwin X)
Thu Mar 27 19:16:00 GMT 2008

DRC wrote:
>> It's pretty simple.  You have to package new new releases of for
>> Cygwin and support people on this mailing list.
> Well, I'm willing to give it a try at least.  I know nothing about Cygwin
> packaging, but I have experience building on Windows.  My project
> (VirtualGL) needs Cygwin/X because of its support of the MIT-SHM extension,
> and we have access to plenty of build machines.

Sounds terrific! :-)

> Is there a spec for which files go in which packages, etc.?  Any other
> advice to get started, or should I just start downloading and tinkering?

You can find a bunch of info about packaging here:


The one thing that's somewhat dated is the use of gbs as the packaging
method.  I haven't looked but I expect the current X packages use that.
While it's still possible to use, 'cygport' is preferred.  But it's still
the choice of the maintainer.  It is best to stick with one of the existing
options though since there's some familiarity with them in the community.

> I assume that part of the duties are to also feed back patches into the
> master repository to fix the Cygwin build, etc.

Yes, definitely.

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