New install - cannot see linux from xp

Thu Jun 26 19:54:00 GMT 2008

I'm a newbee to unix and xwindowing.  After I connect to work through Nortel
Networks VPN, I would like to xwindow into one of our internal (ip addr is
10.x.x.x) redhat servers whose firewall is turned off.  I know I can connect
to it through the Xterm using ssh username@hostname followed by my password. 
However, launching startxwin.bat and typing x -query hostname, I get the
fatal server error stating "cannot establish any listening sockets -Make
sure an X server isn't already running"  From the DOS command line, I type
netstat -na and port :6000 is not listed, so no mention of this port
"listening".  I have even disabled my own home router's firewall and turned
off my anti-virus software.  When I try to assign a new port, say using, x
:2 -query hostname I no longer get the error, however the xwindow launches
and just looks gray with an X styled cursor.  This window, at the top,
states the right hostname.  I just don't see the redhat desktop.

Thanks in advance for any ideas
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