various X-based apps (konsole, mplayer, mencoder) fail to start

Marco Schuster
Tue Jun 24 21:48:00 GMT 2008

hello all,

hopefully one of you can help me:
i have a win xp home sp2 laptop here; i have cygwin up and running 
(mirrors are and the only thing that does not 
work are any of the kde apps (e.g. konsole) or mplayer/mencoder, which 
are AFAIR compiled with X support (at least mplayer must be). even if 
ran in a (working!) xterm, they simply exit without displaying an error 
or other info or displaying some GUI.
this also prevents the kde desktop from being started, as kstartupconfig 
suffers from the same problem.

any idea what might go wrong here?


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