Problem with Cygwin/FC9

John J. McDonough, WB8RCR
Mon Jun 9 13:08:00 GMT 2008

I am having a problem where certain applications run very slowly on Cygwin, 
but not on the console.  These applications work fine on Cygwin from FC6. 
This doesn't affect all applications.  The slow applications often seem to 
lock up the entire Cygwin subsystem, although things get unlocked if the 
process that is slow is killed from another terminal.  The Windows sysem 
continues to function normally.

Interestingly, I can't see excessive CPU use in any of the boxes concerned, 
nor much in the way of network activity.  The FC6 server is a 700 MHz 
Athalon, the FC9 a 2.2G Core 2 duo.  A few examples:

Launch times:
Galeon - FC6 21 seconds, FC9 9 MINUTES 38 seconds
Evince - FC6 4 seconds, FC9 3 minutes 12 seconds
emacs - FC6 9 seconds, FC9 10 seconds
gnome-system-monitor FC6 10 seconds, FC9 2 seconds

I can't seem to find a clue why some apps are affected and some not.  I ran 
FC8 for a short time on the FC9 box and didn't notice a problem, but I 
didn't test extensively.  The locking up of the Cygwin-X system leads me to 
suspect a cygwin rather than FC9 issue, and at this point in FC9's life I 
suspect the combination hasn't been used extensively.


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