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Scott Fordin
Fri Aug 22 02:42:00 GMT 2008

Hi, Shahed,

You need to use xhost in the Windows xterm to enable remote
clients (in this case, the Solaris box) to connect to the
Cygwin X server. You may also need to enable localhost to
connect as well. Specifically:

     xhost +<solaris_ip>
     xhost +localhost

You could also just do an xhost +, but that opens up your
display to everyone, so I don't recommend it. You also need
to make sure that X forwarding is enabled on the Windows
side. There are a number of different ways to do this, but
here's what I do to export the display of a Solaris app to
a Windows machine:

    1. (Windows) Open a Cygwin bash shell.

    2. (Windows) Start the Cygwin X server and an xterm
       with the startx command.

    3. (Windows) Allow connections to the Cygwin X server
       with the xhost command, as described above.

    4. (Windows) Connect to the Solaris machine with

          ssh -X <solaris_machine> -l <solaris_user_name>

    4. (Solaris) (optional) You shouldn't have to do this
       because you used -X with ssh, but depending on the
       Solaris app you're trying to display on your Windows
       system, you may need to explicitly export the Solaris
       display; for example, if you're using a C shell:

          setenv DISPLAY <windows_machine>:0.0

    5. (Solaris) Launch your app through the ssh connection,
       and it should display on the Windows machine.

Hope this helps,


Shahed Hussain wrote:
> Dear Concern,
> I need a help to login to a solaris machine using cygwin. As far as I know, the command "x -query IP_ADDRESS" should bring the window of the solaris machine in to the window machine. 
> Can you please tell me what program has to be run in the solaris machine to enable this facility????
> waiting for your feedback...
> BR // Shahed
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