Running a simple GUI app

Phil Betts
Tue Aug 19 09:44:00 GMT 2008

John Emmas wrote on Monday, August 18, 2008 7:43 PM::

> Sorry Phil if my questions seem 'lame'.  I should have explained that
> I only installed Cygwin this morning so I'm by no means up to speed
> with the concepts or terminology.

I'm sorry if it came across wrongly.  I didn't mean to suggest you were
currently lame.  I had assumed from the context that you were probably 
new to at least some of the technology and was trying to steer you away 
from _becoming_ a lame Windows user.

> Anyway, I managed to arrange Windows so that it now starts X at boot
> up. This means that I can use a (DOS) console window to navigate to
> the appropriate directory, type 'HelloWorld' and my HelloWorld app
> launches with X just running silently in the background.  That's a
> lot slicker than the procedure I was using a few hours ago.  Thanks
> for the suggestion. 
> What's strange though is that I can't just double-click on the app's
> icon and launch it.  There's a (slim) chance that this could be a
> Windows problem but I've never known any other Windows app that can
> be started from a command line but can't be started by clicking its
> icon.  Any ideas? 

As cgf has suggested, it's probably the DISPLAY environment variable.
Alternatively, you could use the standard X parameter "-display :0" 
if your program supports it.

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