emacs open display problem

parminides@netzero.net parminides@netzero.net
Sun Aug 10 18:49:00 GMT 2008

I have been an avid cygwin user for several years. I recently bought a new HP laptop with Vista, and I immediately installed cygwin. I had a few glitches but was able to figure out fixes for all of them but one: emacs just flat-out refuses to open a display window. This is the only program which has this problem that I know about so far. Everything else that I commonly use works fine.

I've tried the following commands in an xterm, all to no avail:
  emacs &
  emacs -d :0 &
  emacs -d 0:0 &

I don't get any error messages, but no emacs either.

Emacs is installed, by the way. I can run it in the parent xterm window by
  emacs -nw
but this doesn't work right either (it freezes up, the keystroke commands don't work right, etc.).

Also, the phantom emacs processes that never open a window show up in ps.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling emacs, but no luck.

I searched the mail archives and couldn't find anyone else who had seen this problem. Any ideas?

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