Segmentation fault from Tk_Init() call whle running X11

Michael Rogers
Fri Aug 8 19:11:00 GMT 2008

This is spill-over from my eariler thread about trying to get a graphing library working that uses X11 with Tcl/Tk. But I think this is what it's come down to. But it seems like a pretty basic Tcl/Tk problem so I figured it was time to start a new thread about it.
The initialization routines for the library call Tk_Init(interp) (interp is a data structure that's created by an earlier call to Tcl/Tk routine) after successfully initializing xwindows via XInit() and various calls to initialize colors and fonts and then calling Tcl_Init(interp). Everything worked up until Tk_Init.
So heres the problem:  Tk_Init(interp) is causing a segmentation fault.
Eariler, Yaakov, said that cygwin's Tcl/Tk is based on GDI and he's pushing to get a native X11/*Nix version pushed out in the next cygwin release.  So I've known this might be part of the problem for a while, but I went ahead and tried to make the library and test files work with the existing Tcl/TK implementation, thinking that they should at least be simultaneously operable with X11.  But I'm porting this library from a *Nix distribution and the makefiles didn't know anything about cygwin initially. So it has no special provisions for anything cygwin specific other than what might be in the platform-dependent Tcl/Tk header files.
Is there something I need to know about before proceeding any further with this?  Is this a previously known problem?  Maybe one with a work-around, like calling things, or linking, in a different order or something?  Unless cygwin's Tk, or my version of it, is broken, it seems like there should be a way to get this to work, even with X11 also loaded.  Is there some call I need to make first or something.  This graphing library was last updated by its maintainers about 3 or 4 years ago so perhaps something has changed with Tk since then.  I don't know.  Or do I need to just get the X11/*Nix version of the Tcl/Tk libraries that Yaakov told me about out on Cygwin Ports?  

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