Can you make a DLL from a library that requires caller-defined functions?

Michael Rogers
Thu Aug 7 23:04:00 GMT 2008

Sorry Yaakov.  I didn't mean to be annoying. You've been very helpful.

I'll work on it tonight and send you more info tonight or tomorrow when I have it available.  Basically all I meant by "not viable" was that the executibles aren't working. If the makefile procedure for building a library will work here and that's the right thing to do, that's great.  Hopefully, I haven't been chasing a red herring.  I had been assuming that I needed to use the linker to resolve everything when you built up the library, since that's the way you do it for DLLs.  The problem must be something else entirely.  It's probably just that I'm not resolving everything when I try to link with the executible, or it's passing some pointer variable wrong or something like that.  I'll try to send more helpful info on my next email, if I haven't already figured the problem out myself.


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> Subject: Re: Can you make a DLL from a library that requires caller-defined   functions?
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> Date: Thursday, August 7, 2008, 3:52 PM
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> Once again, !
> Michael Rogers wrote:
> | The problem now that the linker doesn't like the
> undefined references
> | for a static library any better then it does for a DLL. 
> I can get
> | a static library file if I just run the defualt makefiles
> which use "ar"
> | followed by "randlib" to make a table, but that
> doesn't produce viable
> | executibles when I link it to the test files including
> the X11
> | libraries, carefull observing the linking order as Yaakov
> suggested.
> What's not "viable" about them?  Maybe if you
> tell us what you're trying
> to build (if it's publicly available), or include a
> build log as an
> attachment (or link to a pastebin), then someone could be
> more helpful.
> | On the other hand, if I try to create the static library
> using the linker
> | instead (via gcc) as in
> | gcc -o staticfoo.a  foo_1.o ... foo_n.o -lXpm -lX11
> That's not how to make a static library on any
> platform.  You need to
> use ar and ranlib as in the makefile.
> Yaakov
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