Window icons in multi-window mode

John J. McDonough, WB8RCR
Fri Aug 1 18:35:00 GMT 2008

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>> Seems as if there is a way since sometimes, some of the apps DO use their
>> X11 icons.  In fact, emacs is a case in point.   See:
> How did that happen?  When I start emacs, it uses the stock "X" icon.

I hate to sound ignorant, but that is just "how it works" for me.  I sort of 
agree with Larry Hall's comment that there isn't some configuration switch. 
If an app has no icon associated with it then how is Windows supposed to 
know what icon to display.  I don't see those icons for all apps, obviously, 
and I don't know wy some work and some don't.

I don't think it's always been that way.  It seems to me that I started 
noticing those icons a year or so ago, before that there was another icon, 
I'm not so sure it was the X, on all windows.  But somewhere along the line 
some update caused them to appear.

I should also mention that most (I'm not 100% convinced it is all, but it 
might be) of the apps that DO display icons are running on an actual Linux 
box, and Cygwin is simply the X-server.  So it sounds as if perhaps most of 
the apps in the Cygwin distro don't have icon resources built in.  But 
obviously, the Cygwin X-server is capable of passing those icon images to 


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