Issue after installing cygwin

Danilo Turina
Tue Apr 29 15:35:00 GMT 2008

Mansoorali Kudsi wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been using cygwin since long.
> Recently I was trying to help my friend install cygwin on his desktop.
> After a successful installation, the startxwin.bat was run to start
> the workspaces.
> However, after starting the workspaces, the green coloured "Window
> Maker Preferences" icon does not appear in the workspaces.
> The same setup was used to install cygwin on my machine and I could
> use the "Window Maker Preferences" to configure my shortcuts.
> But somehow this does not appear on my friends desktop.

Can't remember exactly, but, some time ago (>1 year), it happened to me 
to have problems with Window Maker in a new installation of Cygwin.

It seems to me that I was unable to access the WMaker preferences, 
anyway I solved creating a link or two: try to start Window Maker by 
hand from a terminal, so to have a look at its output/trace and whether 
it misses some file/directory.

> Any idea????
> Any help in making this icon visible is highly appreciated...
> Regards,
> Mansoorali.
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