FW: How to create an icon to startx with no extra CMD.EXE window

Thomas Dickey dickey@his.com
Wed Apr 9 00:35:00 GMT 2008

On Tue, 8 Apr 2008, Siegfried Heintze (Aditi) wrote:

>>> But I have this ugly console hanging around. When I kill it, it kills X as well. Is there a way to have an icon that does not create a superfluous console window?
>> You could start an application (including xterm) which is initially
>> iconified.  That would move it out of sight.  This should work:
>>        xterm -iconic
>> The startxwin.sh script needs _something_ that is holding onto the shell
>> script, to prevent it from exiting.
> I don't think I made myself clear! When I said "ugly console" I meant
> the cmd.exe console (possibly running bash). I think you are talking
> about the initial xterm. The initial xterm is not a problem. How can I start X without running cmd.exe?

hmm (I'm not where I can check).

However - I recall setting up some commands which use the Windows "start" 
command with a "/min" option.

Thomas E. Dickey

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