xterm "Not Responding" after wakeup from hibernate with Vista

Arnaud Legout Arnaud.Legout@sophia.inria.fr
Mon May 28 14:55:00 GMT 2007


I experience the same problem on my laptop with vista 32bit ultimate.

I can start the X server and open xterms. Everything works fine until
my computer enter in sleep or hibernate mode.
Then the X-server seems to crash taking 50% of the CPU (on a dual core 

I also figured out that simply closing my laptop (without entering the 
sleep mode) is
enough to obtain the same problem.

 From what it seems, this problem happens each time the screen flicker.
For instance, when I come back from the sleep mode, the X-server is still
functional for a couple of seconds. Then the screen flickers (the same 
way it does when you change
the resolution of the screen, I imagine that vista is doing some kind of 
screen resolution check)
and the X-server fails.

In case it is an issue related to the driver of my graphical card, I 
have a nvidia GeForce Go 7400 card
and the driver version is

Let me know if you need more information of testing. I cannot fix the 
problem myself, but I can help
identifying it and testing patches.


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