Funny mouse XWin and Vista

Troy Vasiga
Wed May 16 20:49:00 GMT 2007

Due to something terrible I must have done in a previous life, I am 
running Windows Vista.  I am also trying to get Cygwin/X working.

After a few false starts, it does run as expected, with two glitches.

The first "glitch" is that my mouse pointer becomes really big when I 
move it over an xterm window and then back over a native Window app.  By 
"really big", it looks like the shadow is about 5 times bigger than it 
should be.  Changing the pointer to be something else (a "resizer" 
pointer on the edge of a window) and then clicking fixes the problem. 
The weird thing is that I don't even need to click on the xterm, and 
even if it is not the focus, it still frags the pointer.  In particular, 
it only occurs when I have the mouse go over the boundary of the xterm 
(so that the mouse changes from the "bar" to the "double-ended arrow" to 
a "pointer" again).

The second glitch is the fact that when I try to right-click and 
shutdown the XServer (in the System Tray), it still appears, and I have 
to kill it forcefully by way of the Task Manager.

I am using a "vanilla" Cygwin install:  that is, I downloaded setup.exe 
yesterday, tried two different mirrors, and (after the rebaseall 
suggestion from other Vista related posts) everything else works fine.

I have attached my cygcheck output.


Troy (t.v.)
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