My program restarts six times under Cygwin when run under rxvt/xterm

Alex Shturm
Wed May 16 18:15:00 GMT 2007

> Cygwin uses the equivalent of SetUnhandledExceptionFilter for its own
> purposes.  It can do that because there is no linux version of that
> function.
> So, if you attempt to use it in a cygwin-aware program, you're in for
> problems.  If you need to produce pure windows programs, I'd suggest
> .  It doesn't seem like you need Cygwin for the
> above.
> cgf
This small program is just a tiny part of a huge application, which is 
built natively on Windows, and intended to be run without Cygwin by the 
However we in development use Cygwin extensively, mostly to use the same 
scripts/environment as on Unix platforms (where our application is also 
Hence your suggestion to use mingw is not applicable in our case. Out 
application is not cygwin-aware.

Still something does not look right to me:

(1) Even if cygwin has its own exception handling, how is it possible 
that it interferes with exception handling in my program (which is a 
separate process) ?

(2) Why this issue is not reproducible when cygwin shell is started in a 
regular (cmd?) window, but reproducible only in rxvt/xterm window?

BTW, I've tried running this program under bash, tcsh, and sh, and the 
behavior is the same - that is, the shell is not relevant to this 
problem, only window type is relevant.

It looks like a rxvt/xterm-specific issue.

I wonder if somebody can take a look at it...


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