Disruptive screen resolution change when using remote desktop

Burvil bowei_99@yahoo.com
Tue May 15 05:38:00 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I have my Cygwin/X set up with a root window running
the fluxbox window manager on my desktop.  It works
quite well if I'm logged in to the system itself, i.e.
I'm physically at the computer.  

However, if I login to my system via remote desktop,
as I often need to do, the screen resolution is
usually lower than that of the desktop, and so I get
the following eror message: 

Disruptive screen resolution change
Restore previous resolution to use Cygwin/X 

Clicking on 'Dismiss' does nothing - it apparently
tries to correct itself, but fails, and the error
message persists until I kill the X server. 

I looked at the following messages, after which I
tried changing startxwin.bat to enable scrollbars and
making sure color depth was the same on the OS of the
remote and local systems as well as in cygwin/X

I also tried setting the root window resolution to
1024x768, which is a lot more common than the
1680x1050 on my desktop.  Even when the screen
resolution of the remote system, i.e. where the system
I'm using remote desktop on, is, say, 1152x864, I
still get the same error message. 

Is there a way to get around this other than getting a
monitor that's the same resolution as my desktop?

Burvil  * http://www.burvil.org *

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