display depth changing when using remote desktop and -multiwindow option, unable to set depth manually with -multiwindow

Holger Krull holger.krull@gmx.de
Tue May 1 21:01:00 GMT 2007

Jason May schrieb:
> I believe that Cygwin is detecting the optimal display settings on
> startup and determining it to be less than 32-bit when initiated
> through remote desktop.  I would use the -depth command line option to
> manually set the depth to 32 bits, but this does not work with
> multiwindow enabled.  Is there another way that I can manually set the
> display depth?

You can't set Xwins display depth larger than the Desktop it is running
on. Usually that would be 16 Bit with rdp sessions.
Did you ever check on the rdp Windows Desktop that you really get 32 Bit
in Windows? Because i get 16 Bit even if i request 24 Bit.

> I have tried modifying the .inputrc file for 8-bit mode as follows,
> but had the same problem.

That has no influence on Xwin.

A possible solution would be a ssh connection and tunneling X11 through
it. Cygwin provides a ssh daemon for windows.

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