XDMCP with cygwin kill kdesktop

Cyril Aubert cyril.aubert@space-info.fr
Wed Mar 28 13:42:00 GMT 2007

Hi list,

I use cygwin to open xdmcp session on my post windows XP.
I connect myself on a RHEL3 server.

I use commande line :
$ XWin -query server -rootless -once

Just after login, I open terminal to kill process kdesktop in order to 
delete the red hat wallpaper.

The result is a windows desktop with windows task bar and red hat task bar.

I recently try open SLES9-SP3 xdmcp session with same parameters. I kill 
kdesktop and obtain the same result like RHEL3. However, when I move a 
SLES9 windows, SLES9 wallpaper reappears on my windows' windows.

Is there a better way to delete the Linux wallpaper that to to kill 
kdesktop ? Or do you know the difference between RHEL3 and SLES9-SP3 
(XFree86 and Xorg) that entrains reappears of SLES9 wallpaper ?

Thank you for help

Cyril A

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