xinitrc final command with -multiwindow

Sun Mar 25 17:57:00 GMT 2007

Phil Betts wrote:
> There's a registry setting to force programs to quit on shutdown/logoff:
> ntry/34615.mspx?mfr=true
> True to form, MS only tell half the story in their documentation.  They
> don't say whether the timeouts are honoured before forcing the shutdown,
> so a shutdown may be immediate, even if an app is prompting you to click
> OK to cancel the missile launches!  You may want to test this first.
I was thinking too, a 'nice' future feature may be if Cygwin X would
shut down on request, without prompting, if there are no clients?

I don't mind, and I actually appreciate the prompt if I have X stuff
running and I try to shut down Cygwin X. But if there are no X clients
connected, it seems it would be expedient and useful for Cygwin X to go
away without a prompt.


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