XWin 100% CPU usage for Java applications on Vista

Vladimir Nicolici vladnc@gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 18:44:00 GMT 2007

> > A concern is that I performed the tests using Remote Desktop. And I
> Maybe a ssh tunnel instead of remote desktop will change the situation.

I need to run the X Server on my Windows Vista computer at work. X
clients will connect to it from the Linux servers at work. In the
weekends, I need to access my Vista computer at work from the XP (soon
to be Vista) computer at home, over my existing encrypted VPN
connection, authenticated by RSA rolling codes tokens. Why would I
need ssh?

If you're asking why I don't run the X server on my home computer, and
have the X clients from the servers at work connect directly to it,
the problem is that the connection between home and work is wireless
dial-up over CDMA EVDO, not very stable, and if I loose the connection
the X client will lose the connection with the X server, and crash.
With remote desktop, if I loose the connection with my work computer,
nothing bad happens, I just reconnect after reestablishing the
connection. And remote desktop uses far less bandwidth than X

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