xinitrc final command with -multiwindow

Igor Peshansky
Wed Mar 21 15:22:00 GMT 2007

<>.  Thanks.

On Wed, 21 Mar 2007, J. David Blackstone wrote:

>   Since X exits when the xinitrc process terminates, xinitrc needs to
> finish by starting a program that will run for the duration of my X
> session.  Traditionally this is a window manager, but with -multiwindow
> a window manager is already running.  So with -multiwindow the usual
> course of action is to exec an xterm.  But when that xterm exits, so
> does X.  Unfortunately I'm very prone to getting that magic xterm mixed
> up with all my others, and shutting down my whole session without
> intending to.  Also, I don't want that xterm because I have my XWinrc
> set up to run every command that I want to run (mostly a series of
> xterms that ssh to other servers, as well as a local xterm, of course).
>   I just moved to a new machine at work, and managed to back up
> everything I needed except my xinitrc.  Somehow I had figured out what
> to exec at the end of xinitrc to avoid having that magic xterm, but I
> can't remember what I did!  I think I found it on a Cygwin mailing list,
> probably three years ago.  But tonight I can find no reference to it at
> all.
>   I know that for a time I just ended xinitrc with a loop that did a
> sleep 60 or something over and over again.  But that was awkward and had
> problems.  At one point I started up xclock or something.
>   Does anyone know what the standard suggestion for the last command of
> xinitrc is when you cannot run a window run a window manager and you do
> not want to run an xterm or anything else that clutters up the task bar?
> It'd be nice if sleep just had an option to sleep indefinitely until
> killed (I exit from the XWinrc menu), but that doesn't seem to be
> available.

sleep 10000d should do it -- I doubt your computer will last that long.

Or you could use the -noreset X option.
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