xinitrc final command with -multiwindow

Wed Mar 21 06:57:00 GMT 2007

J. David Blackstone wrote:
>   Does anyone know what the standard suggestion for the last command of xinitrc is when you cannot run a window run a window manager and you do not want to run an xterm or anything else that clutters up the task bar?  It'd be nice if sleep just had an option to sleep indefinitely until killed (I exit from the XWinrc menu), but that doesn't seem to be available.

I don't know that this helps, but I use the stock startxwin.bat batch
file Cygwin/X shipped with. Using that batch file, I am free to close
down the Xterm that it starts up, without X dying off.

The only caveate is that this prevents a attendentless shutdown. When
you try to shut Windows down, an confirmation will pop up asking if you
are sure you want to disconnect all X clients. Even if there are no X
clients left running. Windows then sits and waits indefinitely for your


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