xinitrc final command with -multiwindow

J. David Blackstone
Wed Mar 21 06:48:00 GMT 2007

  Since X exits when the xinitrc process terminates, xinitrc needs to finish by starting a program that will run for the duration of my X session.  Traditionally this is a window manager, but with -multiwindow a window manager is already running.  So with -multiwindow the usual course of action is to exec an xterm.  But when that xterm exits, so does X.  Unfortunately I'm very prone to getting that magic xterm mixed up with all my others, and shutting down my whole session without intending to.  Also, I don't want that xterm because I have my XWinrc set up to run every command that I want to run (mostly a series of xterms that ssh to other servers, as well as a local xterm, of course).

  I just moved to a new machine at work, and managed to back up everything I needed except my xinitrc.  Somehow I had figured out what to exec at the end of xinitrc to avoid having that magic xterm, but I can't remember what I did!  I think I found it on a Cygwin mailing list, probably three years ago.  But tonight I can find no reference to it at all.

  I know that for a time I just ended xinitrc with a loop that did a sleep 60 or something over and over again.  But that was awkward and had problems.  At one point I started up xclock or something.

  Does anyone know what the standard suggestion for the last command of xinitrc is when you cannot run a window run a window manager and you do not want to run an xterm or anything else that clutters up the task bar?  It'd be nice if sleep just had an option to sleep indefinitely until killed (I exit from the XWinrc menu), but that doesn't seem to be available.


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