capslock key not working after disabling the X keyboard extension

Edward Quick
Sat Mar 17 15:34:00 GMT 2007

Still having a problem with this if anyone can help? To duplicate the 
problem, you can run:

xwin -ac -kb -multiwindow

Then start an xterm, and type some letters with the capslock key on.
If I use the shift keys, then the letters are capitalized, but not with the 


>I support a commerical application running on XFree86, which is started 
>automatically when a user logs onto via xdm. The OS it runs on is Solaris 
>Recently the application has been upgraded though, and now it will only 
>start up if I supply the -kb flag to Xwin to disable the X keyboard 
>extension (no idea why):
>xwin -ac -kb -query host
>That was fine until I realised the capslock key didn't work anymore. After 
>much time, looking for a fix, I discovered I could get it to work without 
>the -kb flag, if I removed the symlink C:\Program 
>However that seems a bit of a hack and I still don't understand why this 
>fixes it. I'm happy to use the -kb option, but could anyone tell me how to 
>fix the capslock key please?
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