keyboard jams when switching windows tasks

Thu Mar 15 07:37:00 GMT 2007

Pim <reinders <at>> writes:

> Got exactly the same problem. 
> The keyboard output on the re-focussed konsole seems to be buffered. 
> The konsole
> can also be unfreezed by hitting the WindowsKey twice.
> The buffered text will then be displayed at once (and all the crap you entered
> in the blind will be executed!!)
> This behavior might depend on the exact Windows-XP SP II update. I've seen this
> behavior since I'd say about the beginning of this month (march 2007). 
> Windows updates since 1 Feb 2007:
> KB928090, KB927779, KB928255, KB924667, KB918118, KB926436, KB928843, KB927802,
> Windows Imaging Component, KB931836, KB925720
> --
Followup from Pim:

Early today (15-MAR-2007) my Windows system got updated.
(Win-XP updates KB929338 and 'Hotfix for Windows media Format 11 SDK'(KB929399).
Apparently this fixed the problem. No more keyboard Jamming!


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