xsm, smproxy and your experience with them

Ariel Burbaickij ariel.burbaickij@gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 17:14:00 GMT 2007

Hello dear mailing list readers.writers,
I hope I am not off topic, at least not too much, if I am maybe you can
be so kind as to point me to more suitable resources, with my questions:
Recently I noticed the existence of xsm,smproxy couple in Cygwin X11
I did not work with them so my questions are:
What do they provide? Is it something similar to what VNC, Tarantella,
SUNRay environment
provide? Basically, session retainability after e.g. power cycling of
local machine, network
outage etc or is it something else?
As I read in the manual for xsm it only restarts application unless
primitive WM_SAVE_YOURSELF primitive is defined. Does anyone care to
the list of at least well-known application that do implement this primitve?
Manual also mentions rstart based on rsh as the only mechanism for restart
on remote machine. Is ssh indeed not supported so far or do some patches
already exist?

Ariel Burbaickij

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