Looking for a way to start XWin -auth option without modifying startxwin.bat

Grant Mills gmills@ucsd.edu
Wed Mar 7 22:31:00 GMT 2007

Switched from Exceed yesterday.  Quickly realized that remote hosts
couldn't contact local x server.  xhost <remote_mach> solved that
problem.  Learned that if I shutdown the X server and restarted, xhost
settings didn't persist.

Spent half a day researching and experimenting xauth.  My remote host
was failing with the MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 error message.  Eventually, I
added "-auth ~/.Xauthority" to the command line that starts XWin.exe
in startxwin.bat.  That did the trick.

My question is this... Is there a way to add "-auth ~/.Xauthority"
option to the startup of XWin.exe without modifying any of the
provided files?  Something like the ~/.cvsrc file.  I'd like to make
sure that the next time X-startup-scripts gets updated, I won't have
to remember what I modified and go back and do it again.

I tried using ~/.xserverrc but I'd prefer to be able to use
startxwin.bat in my startup folder.

I could submit a patch that would check for .Xauthority's existence
and add the option when detected.  If this is a suitable option, let
me know and I'll submit it.

Thanks in advance.

Grant Mills

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