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Mon Mar 5 17:10:00 GMT 2007

richard goldstein <bg573 <at>> writes:

> Hello,
> Thanks for helping me.  I turned off my McAfee firewall and virus scans, 
> but, unfortunately, running "startxwin.bat" gave the same error message 
> as before (reproduced below). Can you give some further advice?
> Thanks,
> Richard Goldstein

Good Day Richard,

I do not knoe if this helps you, but I had an identical problem and 
managed to find a fix by trial and error..!

I am running Cygwin on Xp. I also run Skype (communication software) 
that needs to grab a particular port for efficent communication (this 
allows it to pass through the firewall as an exception!). I had skype 
set up to use port 6000.
When I went in and changed that to a different port, XWin started up 
with no trouble (with my firewall and virus software running!).

So I thinkt he problem is that there could be something that is 
conflicting with XWin in the network setup. You might want to try 
that and also make sure that port 6000 has an exception in your 
firewall settings..!

Good luck.

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