X server freezes after connecting to JDS (Gnome) on Solaris 10

Alexander Skwar listen@alexander.skwar.name
Fri Mar 2 12:25:00 GMT 2007


I've got yet another problem with Cygwin/X @ Win2k SP4, connecting to
a Solaris 10 machine running JDS 3.0 (Gnome). As before, I use the 
following command line to fire up Xwin and connect to XDM:

Xwin :0 -xkblayout ch -clipboard -screen 0 1261x941 -fp
tcp/winds06.win.ch.da.rtr:7100 -query winds06.win.ch.da.rtr -once

(It's just one line, of course... *g*)

More or less shortly after having logged on to JDS/S10, the Cygwin
X window "freezes". Ie. I cannot move any windows in it anymore
and when I move a MS Windows window in front of the Cygwin window,
the Cygwin window stays completely white (ie. it does not refresh
anymore). Please have a look at 
(or http://kuerzer.de/M7LjjCfJX for a shorter URL) and notice, how
the window in the background (the Cygwin window) is all white...

When I wait like 5 to 10 minutes, the Cygwin window refreshes again.
But I still cannot move anything in it.

When I use CDE 1.6 (on the system Solaris 10 box) or when I use
Exceed (from a different PC client), I don't have any problems what
so ever. I also don't have any problems with XKB (see thread
"Keyboard does not work with JDS 3.0 (Gnome @ Solaris 10)").

What might be causing these problems and what can I do to solve
these issues?

Best regards,

Alexander Skwar

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