cygwin/x with Vista

Scott Fordin
Wed Jun 27 16:33:00 GMT 2007

Holger Krull wrote:
> Sodel Vazquez-Reyes schrieb:
>> I am wondering if there is a version for Windows Vista because I have installed
>> the current version, the installation process finished correctly, but cygwin/X 
>> didn't work.

I've gotten it to work reasonably well on Vista Home Premium.
Try running the Cygwin setup as Administrator and in XP
Compatibility Mode. Also, I had better luck when I did the
install in two stages: first, I just downloaded the packages,
then I ran setup again and chose the install from local
repository option. Finally, make sure that your firewall is
not blocking Xwin.exe or bash.exe.

I also agree with Holger regarding Xming. Xming works just
fine on Vista, and you can use Xming as your X Server when
running PuTTY or many if not all of the Cygwin X-based apps.

Hope this helps,


> There is no version for Vista. X11 from cygwin has problems with Vista
> (search the archive) some have workarounds and some don't.
> If nothing helps try Xming.
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