Windowmaker not open bash properly

Scott Mohnkern
Wed Jun 27 13:30:00 GMT 2007

Larry Hall (Cygwin X) wrote:
> Scott Mohnkern wrote:
>> Larry Hall (Cygwin X) wrote:
>>> Scott Mohnkern wrote:
>>>> Apologies, I was following the format of other questions I'd seen 
>>>> here.
>>>> Attached is cygcheck.out
>>>> The other server was Xvision, which was part of an automatic 
>>>> install of Cradle 5.5.x
>>> You (no longer?) have Cygwin in your path.  You're picking up the
>>> Nutcracker/MKS tools now.  Fix your path and give a quick run 
>>> through of
>>> the rest of your environment to clean up any issues.  Two that 
>>> caught my
>>> eye are $HOME and $TERM are now incorrectly set.  If you can find where
>>> Nutcracker/MKS sets these and remove/avoid them, you'll have better 
>>> luck
>>> working with Cygwin.
>> That appears to have solved most of it.  Removing the nutcracker 
>> entries and putting cygwin and cygwin bin in the path got me up and 
>> running.  It doesn't appear to be pulling my profile up correctly 
>> when I open up bash (It's defaulting to a different $HOME but I can 
>> probably figure out where that is set)
> It's probably in your system-level environment, which you can access from
> the Windows control panel "System" applet.  Good luck.
That's definitely it I'm pretty sure it's an environment variable that 
got messed with.  Cradle during install set $SHELL to "nutc" without 
telling me, and I'm 90% sure that's what caused Windowmaker  to choke.  
Now I just need to figure out which of these other system variables need 
to go, and which ones I need to put back in.


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