Windowmaker not open bash properly

Scott Mohnkern
Tue Jun 26 20:41:00 GMT 2007

Larry Hall (Cygwin X) wrote:
> Scott Mohnkern wrote:
>> Apologies, I was following the format of other questions I'd seen here.
>> Attached is cygcheck.out
>> The other server was Xvision, which was part of an automatic install 
>> of Cradle 5.5.x
> You (no longer?) have Cygwin in your path.  You're picking up the
> Nutcracker/MKS tools now.  Fix your path and give a quick run through of
> the rest of your environment to clean up any issues.  Two that caught my
> eye are $HOME and $TERM are now incorrectly set.  If you can find where
> Nutcracker/MKS sets these and remove/avoid them, you'll have better luck
> working with Cygwin.

That appears to have solved most of it.  Removing the nutcracker entries 
and putting cygwin and cygwin bin in the path got me up and running.  It 
doesn't appear to be pulling my profile up correctly when I open up bash 
(It's defaulting to a different $HOME but I can probably figure out 
where that is set)

Thanks for your time. 

Scott Mohnkern

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