Windowmaker not open bash properly

Larry Hall (Cygwin X)
Tue Jun 26 19:12:00 GMT 2007

Scott Mohnkern wrote:
> I had Cygwin with Windowmaker running just beautifully, then another 
> application came in and installed another xserver (which I've since 
> disabled) but now inside windowmaker, whenever I try to open up an Xterm 
> window the window opens but I get no bash prompt.
> I can type an ls and get a file listing, and a ps gives me processes.
> However whenever I try to ssh -Y to another machine, it tells me
> "Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal."
> Anyone ever seen this before, and a solution?

I'd suggest reading the problem reporting guidelines outlined at the link

> Problem reports:

You've given us some information about how the problem manifests itself
but it would be helpful to know what other Xserver you installed as well
as basic boot-strap information (i.e. cygcheck output - *attached* not

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