RH-EL-5 - lockup with CygwinX

Duane Ellis D.Ellis@metrologic.com
Mon Jun 25 22:14:00 GMT 2007

Sorry for breaking the Mail Thread... I had other emergencies to deal with.

But previously I wrote: Subj: RH-EL-4 -vrs- RH-EL-5 (7-jun-2007)

And complained about two machines:
	Older RH-EL-4 working great with cygwin-X
	New RH-EL-5 and cygwin Locking up.

More specifically, I wrote:

>> But when connecting to RH-EL-5 - provided I do nothing with the keyboard 
>> it works perfectly.

>> If however, if I type anything on the keyboard - 1 letter, or 10 to 20
>> letters... within seconds of typing something, CygwinX totally hangs for
>> some period of time (10 to 20 seconds) - ie: Windows says "it is not
>> responding" - then it refreshes - catches up on what I type, then goes
>> for 10 to 20 seconds... repeat for ever....

Holger Krull - wrote back and suggested:

>> Still starting a complete kde? Try starting netscape alone to see 
>> if it suffers from the same effect.

Actually, Holger, it does, in that it tells me more.

In that mode, it NEVER fails. That is to say:

1) SSH into the box and run(a complete KDE) "startkde"
	Locks up as I describe.

2) SSH into the box - run "gnome-session"
	I had forgotten about GNOME... Duh..
	Works - no problem.

3) SSH into the box - run "xterm"
	(ie: xterm raw, no window dressing, title bar, etc)
	Works just fine - 
	I can run firefox - works fine

4) Continuing from #3 - xterm raw, no window manager
	I can run "twm" - which gives me window dressing, title bar, etc)
	Works just fine - 
	No problem.

Thus the only combination that does not work is 

	RH-EL-5, "startkde" and SSH and CYGWIN-X

Note: I have no direct access to the machine, my only access is via SSH
(cygwin-openSSH to be exact). 

It works - but I'd like to get the KDE desktop to work.

Holger Krull also suggested:

>> Create a new user on rh-el-5 to get a fresh profile.
>> Not sure if it helps but worth a try.

I started on this machine as a "fresh user" no problem.

Also given the above additional findings - I doubt that is the issue.


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