using chere

Brian Dessent
Thu Jun 21 17:46:00 GMT 2007

Dave wrote:

> In other words, would there be general unhappiness if I were to set the
> (chere) xterm startup command to something along the lines of:
> %cygwin%\bin\run.exe -p /usr/X11R6/bin %cygwin%\bin\xterm.exe -display
> -e /bin/xhere /bin/bash.exe "%L"
> Does anyone have a better solution for starting xterm?

I think you should use just "-display :0" as that is the generic way to
say "the first local display".  Although, if the user has more than one
X server running, they probably already have thier DISPLAY set, so in
that case what's really needed is a -set-display-if-its-not-already-set

Also, I don't know how much scripting you can pack into a one-liner, but
there is always the checkX utility whose sole purpose in life is to tell
if an X server is running.  With it you could give a more friendly error
when there's no X server than just a window flashing and disappearing or
nothing happening.


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