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Thu Jun 21 17:29:00 GMT 2007

Paul Mallas wrote:
>>> Lewis Hyatt wrote:
>>> If
>>> I add c:\cygwin\bin and c:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin to
>>> the Windows PATH
>>> variable, then chere does work to open up an
>>> xterm!
>>> So I guess the only question is: is there any way
>>> to avoid this
>>> requirement? It would be helpful for me if I
>>> didn't have to add these to
>>> the path. I'm not sure how chere is implemented,
>>> but could it just set
>>> these variables before calling the xterm? Thanks
>>> again.
> Chere added this to my registry:
> I added -display to the command line:
> C:\cygwin\bin\run.exe C:\cygwin\bin\xterm.exe -display -e
> /bin/xhere /bin/bash.exe "%L"
> and it works fine for me now.

The first bug was reported on the main list for the chere+xterm
combination, which boils down to the users environment in windows.

I don't use cygwin+X much myself, so I'd like to ask a few questions as
to how people typically have their PC setup with cygwin+X.

1. Do you set DISPLAY in the windows environment? Is it recommended?
2. Do you set the windows PATH to include /usr/X11R6/bin? Is it recomended?
3. If DISPLAY is not set in the environment, would it ever be anything
other than if you were trying to start an xterm from explorer?
4. Is run.exe always available on an X install?

In other words, would there be general unhappiness if I were to set the
(chere) xterm startup command to something along the lines of:

%cygwin%\bin\run.exe -p /usr/X11R6/bin %cygwin%\bin\xterm.exe -display -e /bin/xhere /bin/bash.exe "%L"

Does anyone have a better solution for starting xterm?


chere maintainer

PS. please cc me as I'm not subscribed to cygwin-xfree

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