RH-EL-4 -vrs- RH-EL-5

Duane Ellis D.Ellis@metrologic.com
Thu Jun 7 18:15:00 GMT 2007

Another problem has cropped up.

I use CygwinX with RH-EL-4, and other machines - been working great.

Now, New machine RedHat Enterprise Linux 5

Same connection method, works great with RH-EL-4 (ie: Refer to my earlier
multiple sessions email)

But when connecting to RH-EL-5 - provided I do nothing with the keyboard it
works perfectly.

If however, if I type anything on the keyboard - 1 letter, or 10 to 20
letters... within seconds of typing something, CygwinX totally hangs for
some period of time (10 to 20 seconds) - ie: Windows says "it is not
responding" - then it refreshes - catches up on what I type, then goes away
for 10 to 20 seconds... repeat for ever....

Does not matter if I open an Xterm and type "ls", or open FireFox and type

I suspect RH-EL-5 is provoking something in CygwinX - I do not know. The
CygwinX is very new (I got a new computer 1 month ago and did a fresh
install of cygwin)

The relevant X11 versions are below (grepped from /etc/setup/install.db)

Looking bash/cygwin window where I started the session, I do not see
anything important etc - ie: timeout messages, just the 'normal bunch of
warnings' same on all machines - including RHEL5

Any suggestions?


xorg-x11-base xorg-x11-base- 0
xorg-x11-bin xorg-x11-bin- 0
xorg-x11-bin-dlls xorg-x11-bin-dlls- 0
xorg-x11-bin-lndir xorg-x11-bin-lndir- 0
xorg-x11-devel xorg-x11-devel- 0
xorg-x11-etc xorg-x11-etc- 0
xorg-x11-f100 xorg-x11-f100- 0
xorg-x11-fcyr xorg-x11-fcyr- 0
xorg-x11-fenc xorg-x11-fenc- 0
xorg-x11-fnts xorg-x11-fnts- 0
xorg-x11-fscl xorg-x11-fscl- 0
xorg-x11-fsrv xorg-x11-fsrv- 0
xorg-x11-libs-data xorg-x11-libs-data- 0
xorg-x11-man-pages xorg-x11-man-pages- 0
xorg-x11-man-pages-html xorg-x11-man-pages-html- 0
xorg-x11-nest xorg-x11-nest- 0
xorg-x11-vfb xorg-x11-vfb- 0
xorg-x11-xwin xorg-x11-xwin- 0
xorg-x11-xwin-gl xorg-x11-xwin-gl- 0

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