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And since this thread is now discussing X-related stuff, it's being
redirected to cygwin-xfree.  Please remove the main list from replies.

On Sun, 29 Jul 2007, Linda Walsh wrote:

> Eric Blake wrote:
> > .Xdefaults can also affect non-X usage of rxvt.
> 	Yeah, I have entries for it in my X defaults file, for the non-X
> version.  For some reason, the font setting, "Lucida Console", that
> works in the non-X rxvt gives an error under the X version.  sigh.

Oh, that's because the non-X version uses Windows fonts, and the X version
uses the fonts your X server is aware of.  You can add truetype fonts to
your X server -- google for instructions.

> > You didn't look hard enough then.
> ---

Ugh.  I like the above reply style much better than these lines...  Even
though you are doing a better job with quoting than you used to. :-)

> 	I didn't feel I needed to look when subscription information
> is included at the bottom of every shiny cygwin email:
> > Unsubscribe info: ---> http://cygwin.com/ml/#unsubscribe-simple     <----

Hmm, good point.  Maybe this ought to be changed to a pointer to a link on
the lists.html page, which says something like "click here to unsubscribe"
and redirects to the above anchor?

On the other hand, clicking on the "Mailing lists" link on the main Cygwin
page does take you to lists.html...
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