Mouse not working with Ghostview menus

Jean-Paul Mendes
Thu Jul 26 14:39:00 GMT 2007


Why don't the side menus within Ghostview 1.5 work with the mouse ?

The mouse works just fine everywhere else, even in Ghostview but as no 
effect whatsoever on the side menus.

I've tried starting xwin.exe with many different options such as 
-swcursor, -emulate3buttons, -lesspointer, etc but no success.  I've also 
searched the web and the archives and found nothing that could help me.

I've also tried using Exceed and an older version of Reflection to 
determine if this is a Ghostview issue, but the Ghostview menus work 
nicely with those versions.

This is one of the command lines I've tried in the Cygwin bash shell.
xwin.exe -clipboard -nounicodeclipboard -query HPUX_hostname

Any ideas or suggestion ?


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