Fw: feedback on a configuration package for X11/ctwm|twm

John S. Urban urbanjost@comcast.net
Sun Jul 22 07:18:00 GMT 2007

I have had a good number of friends and associates ask for a copy of a 
directory that sets up and starts
X11 with the ctwm or twm window manager for CygWin.  Enough so, that I put a 
copy of the directory into
a uuencoded file at
       cygstart http://home.comcast.net/~urbanjost/CYGWIN/index.html
Along with the expected ".twmrc" file are a large number of scripts. One 
relatively unique aspect of the
configuration is that all the files to set up X11 resources, to provide 
scripts used by the menu options,
and to configure the startup of X11 are all contained in a single directory 
so that the use of this configuration
will not interfere with any other setups you have. One favorite feature 
seems to be my configuration of
xterm windows. Xterm windows have a number of useful features that are often 
underutilized because
they are not configured in the default settings. In this configuration a 
default xterm will have a large scrollbar
buffer already set up, and gives you easy access to "window manager" 
functions and smooth scrolling:

XTerm Alt-key actions
| vi-like scrolling        | font size change        | Other 
|   e   up one line        |  +  bigger              |  t  toggle logging 
|   y   down one line      |  -  smaller             |     (if allowed) 
|   u   up half page       |  N  text size  N=[0-6]  |  s  secure 
|   d   down half page     |                         | 
|   b   backward full page |                         | 
|   f   forward full page  |                         | 
| Window Manager Ops       | Cut and Paste 
|   i  iconify             |  Mouse1                   mark 
|   m  maximize            |  double-click Mouse1      mark word 
|   r  restore             |  triple-click Mouse1      mark line 
|                          |  Mouse2                   paste 
|                          |  Mouse3                   extend mark 
| Ctrl-mouse1 - main menu 
| Ctrl-mouse2 - VT options 
| Ctrl-mouse3 - font menu 
A number of shell scripts will also be in the default search path (assuming 
you have a
relatively new xterm(1) ):
   fixed        change font size
                   fixed 10    # change to 10-point font
            fixed 10 0  # list all 10-point fonts
            fixed 10 3  # pick 3rd 10-point font

   [0-6]        Pick from default xterm font menu (ctrl-mouse3).
   up           Pick next larger font from default font menu
   down         Pick next smaller font from default font menu
   full         make xterm size of display.
                   full     # maximize xterm
     full 10  # change to 10-point font and maximize.

   fullback     undo the change done by a simple full(1)

   132          make screen 132 columns wide

   80           make screen  80 columns wide

   small        change to a 80x24 small font window
                   small # make size change, leave current font
        small [0-6] # also change to standard font 0-6
        small OTHER # pass OTHER to fixed(1)

   tall         make window as tall as display
   icon         iconify/un-iconify xterm

   raise        raise xterm window on display

   lower        lower xterm window on display
kolor        change background and foreground color
                kolor  # show all background colors
            kolor background_color
            kolor background_color foreground_color

There are a lot of other "goodies" in the configuration that bring 
often-overlooked cygwin/X11/ctwm|twm features
to your fingertips, such as ...
under the menus
      left-mouse-->Other Window Managers -->
are options to start almost all the "standard" window managers in new server 
instances independently or
via Xnest.

I was looking for feedback on whether this is of enough general interest 
that I should spiff it up and turn
it into a CygWin "package".  I believe most of the menu items are 
self-explanatory; but they introduce
people new (or not so new) to CygWin to how cygstart(1), dialog(1), XNest(1) 
and other utilities can be
integrated with CygWin/X11 features too often overlooked to create a very 
complete user environment. 

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