Help Needed For Multiple Monitors

Surinder Singh
Tue Jul 10 21:30:00 GMT 2007

My setup has multiple monitors (or dual monitors). Since I may not be
using the correct term for that, let me just describe that to remove
any ambuguity.  I have the laptop display and then a monitor
connected.  I can drag windows from one to the other display *as if*
the two monitors were connected physically (they are not).  So I have
one computer (my laptop) and two displays.

what I notice is that when I open startx, the window displays well on
the screen of the laptop, but not on the extra monitor.  When I drag
it there, it becomes white and nothing is visible inside the window.

I searched the archives and googled and googled.  Best I got was an
advice to add "-multiplemonitors" the list of options for X to start.
I did that, and it does not help.   What should I be doing?  (I am
using the latest cygwin).


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