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Fri Aug 31 12:34:00 GMT 2007

Ronald Fischer wrote:
>> Cole Radcliffe wrote:
>>> When I try to run "xterm -e /usr/bin/bash -l" from the 
>> cygwin shell I
>>> get an error that says "xterm Xt error: "Can't open 
>> display" "DISPLAY
>>> is not set"
>> Make sure the X server is running first (run 'startxwin').
> This might not sufficient - at least it is not in my system: 
> Even when you start the X server (in my case in multiwindow
> mode), but then try to start xterm from a CMD Cygwin shell
> (such as from the shell you get when opening the Cygwin
> icon which is created by default when you setup Cygwin initially),
> you get the above error message.
> The trick is that in your startxwin, you have to create at
> least one xterm (or rxvt) initially. From this, you can then 
> open others.

I don't know about your copy but te stock startxwin does this already.

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