Two issues with Xwin

Ronald Fischer
Thu Aug 30 02:50:00 GMT 2007

> It's not Zsh that's eating my Enter (or Tab) key but X (or maybe the 
> terminal emulator). It doesn't happen all the time but "often". I 
> can't find any pattern in this.

I sometimes find that I have to wait 10-40 seconds or so until the
are shown. Or, when I do a ls /usr/bin (for instance), sometimes I see
the result 
immediately, sometimes it takes 10-15 seconds after pressing 
the enter key, until the files are displayed. Could be attributed 
in my case to networking issues (my $HOME is on a Samba-mounted 
netdrive), so it could be a timing/caching issue.

But this does, of course, not explain why your two terminals should
differently. You did not say how frequent this occurs. Could it be that
it happens rarely enough, that just by accident you have observed it
with one terminal type, but not with the other? Does the X terminal
"eat" other keys too when you are typing fast? And I still would find it
worth a try - despite what has been suggested earlier in this thread -
to see whether 
the same behaviour exists with bash (or other applications reading

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