Two issues with Xwin

Matt Wozniski
Wed Aug 29 08:20:00 GMT 2007

Thorsten wrote:
I have two issues that I've been experiencing for quite a long time:

* using a terminal and a shell I often have to enter Enter or Tab
twice to get the desired effect. How come?

Ronald wrote:

Which effect do you desire? (Filename completion, command completion, ...)?

Thorsten wrote:

The desired effect for the Enter key would be to normal enter function
of a shell. Tab should do file and command completion.
I don't think the content of $INPUTRC is relevant when talking about
Enter and Tab having no effect "on the first try".
And I don't have any setting that would have the "do nothing on the
first enter; wait for the second enter" effect.

Ronald wrote:
I guess you mean: "wait for the second *tab*" etc.

SO, my question to Ronald is:  Have you read anything in this thread,
or just posted to it a lot?  It's obviously NOT a zsh problem if it
doesn't happen in Windows RXVT but does happen in X11 RXVT.  Fine,
they COULD have different zsh binaries sourcing different environment
files, but it's far more likely that Cygwin/X is misbehaving than that
Thorsten somehow managed to find a zsh binary that sometimes eats the
enter key.  If you can't take the time to read a thread, you really
oughtn't post to it.

> Maybe this is the point where you should repost this problem to the zsh
> folks.
> Not only it doesn't look that much like a Cygwin issue to me, but I
> remember
> that on the zsh mailing list
> there are also quite a few Cygwin users hanging around

Again, read better, or at least research.  Thorsten IS one of the
Cygwin people who hangs around the zsh mailing lists.

The only thing worse than no answer to a question is a wrong answer
that keeps being repeated.  Do Thorsten a favor and stop talking.

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