Two issues with Xwin

Ronald Fischer
Tue Aug 28 13:36:00 GMT 2007

> * Ronald Fischer (Mon, 27 Aug 2007 15:57:34 +0200)
> > This suggest that different dot-files are sourced in the two cases.
> > When I run bash (in my case) either from cmd or started by XWin, I
> > also have differences in which dot-files are sourced, so this is the
> > first place you might want to look.
> There is just one configuration file in this case: ~/.zshrc. 

Hmmmm.... this should be sourced every time you have an interactive

> And I 
> don't have any setting that would have the "do nothing on the first 
> enter; wait for the second enter" effect.

I guess you mean: "wait for the second *tab*" etc.

In this case, the correct behaviour should *always* be (I think) to show
part of the completion, which is unique, on the first press of tab, and
a list of all possible completions on the second press of tab.

If it is not due to different settings in your shells, I have no idea
anymore why both shells behave different (stupid question: You are sure
you have the same zsh called in both cases? What does echo $ZSH_VERSION
in rxvt, respectively CMD window?) 

Maybe this is the point where you should repost this problem to the zsh
Not only it doesn't look that much like a Cygwin issue to me, but I
that on the zsh mailing list
there are also quite a few Cygwin users hanging around, so your problem
for sure be understood there.

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