Running Cygwin on Vista
Tue Aug 28 08:26:00 GMT 2007

  I have been trying to run Cygwin on my new laptop 
running Vista Home
Premium and I am having a really tough time. Initially, 
the command

"startx" was not recognised so I downloaded all the x11 
packages. I

then ran cygwin again without rebooting, the "startx" 
command was then

recognised and an xterm window was opened. I tried to 
connect to

Columbus but the "ssh" command was not recognised so I 
decided to

reboot and start again and now after the reboot I run 
cygwin and type

"startx" it does accept the command and starts however 
gives the

message "linked dll data write copy failed and it does not 
open the


I also started reading about the problem on the net where 
some claim that cygwin works for them on vista and other 
see link claim 
that it is a problem with that required a microsoft fix.

I need your help.



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