Two issues with Xwin

Ronald Fischer
Mon Aug 27 13:57:00 GMT 2007

> The desired effect for the Enter key would be to normal enter 
> function 
> of a shell. Tab should do file and command completion.
> > Which shell?
> zsh
> > How did you configure it? (i.e. if you are talking about readline
> > functionality, what's the content of your .inputrc, and did 
> you make sure it gets
> > read?).
> I don't think the content of $INPUTRC is relevant when talking about 
> Enter and Tab having no effect "on the first try".

They do for a shell which uses readline for completion, because the
behaviour (show the completions immediately, or beep and show them
on the second tab) is defined there.

AFIK, the completion system of zsh is more flexible (read: there are
more things to consider) than with bash (which just uses what readline
thinks about completion). For your case, the setting of the variables 
AUTO_LIST and LIST_AMBIGUOUS could apply here, and maybe you have
to unset LIST_BEEP to (I'm not so deep into zsh that I could tell this,
so you would have to go through the man page or ask this in the zsh
mailing list).

> Anyway, I have no 
> problem with that in rxvt or cmd - only in X.

This suggest that different dot-files are sourced in the two cases.
When I run bash (in my case) either from cmd or started by XWin, I
also have differences in which dot-files are sourced, so this is the
first place you might want to look.


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