winProcSetSelectionOwner - OpenClipboard () failed: 00000578

John Allwright
Fri Aug 10 09:24:00 GMT 2007


I found the solution to this problem at, posted by Peter

Here's Peters solution...

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, James Simonsen wrote:

> I am still experiencing problems with -clipboard and XDMCP [with GDM].
> Copy and paste between linux/windows works fine in the login dialog,
> but stops working as soon as I log in.

I had exactly the same trouble with GDM, and found that if you set
"KillInitClients=false" in gdm.conf the problem goes away.

This setting seems to be true by default, so a fix/workaround in
Cygwin/X itself would be helpful if possible.  Perhaps the clipboard
daemon could be made to automatically reconnect whenever it is

The comment that goes with the KillInitClients option is a little
misleading, BTW:

# To try to kill all clients started at greeter time or in the Init
# doesn't always work, only if those clients have a window of their own

Presumably this means that clipboard support is implemented with some
kind of invisible window?

Peter Oliver
Midrange Services
Aquila Networks Services Ltd

Hope that helps!


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