Revisiting the cradle problem

Scott Mohnkern
Thu Aug 9 13:18:00 GMT 2007

I thought I had this problem solved but I don't.

I'm running Cygwin with xfree installed, and have installed the 
application Cradle.  After the install, when I attempted to open up a 
shell I got a "blank screen" with no prompt.  I could issue some 
commands (like an ls) but most everything else failed to function.  I 
assumed it was a pathing problem.  We figured that out by putting Cygwin 
at the front (instead of the rear) of the path.

However, we're still seeing the problem.

We've isolated it to Cradle, when it does its install, it sets a Windows 
Environment Variable SHELL to an application n the Cradle program. 

If we delete this Environment Variable, the Shell comes up in Cygwin 
with no problems.

I assume Cygwin is using this environment variable to set the default 
shell, and that's what's causing the problem. 

Is there a way to start Cygwin (We're using Xstart.bat) to tell it NOT 
to use this variable?

Scott Mohnkern

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