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Larry Hall (Cygwin X)
Tue Aug 7 16:44:00 GMT 2007

Marco Schuler wrote:
> On 8/7/07, Holger Krull wrote:
>> Marco Schuler schrieb:
>>> On 8/7/07, Holger Krull <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Please make your email Program not quote the full email adress.
> Sorry about that. Gmail does not allow to configure this... Manual
> deleting will do ;-)
>>>> Why is everything mounted in textmode?
>>> Hm, I don't know. That's just what cygwin did on installation. Is
>>> there any problem about this?
>> Well, usually it is not what cygwin does. I don't know if it does any paticular harm, but there is no reason to have / mounted textmode.
> It seems as this is default from mount. man mount sais: "By default,
> mounts are in text  mode"

The mode of the mounts created by "setup.exe" depend on what you specify
for the "Default text file type" during installation.  "Unix" (i.e. binary)
is the default.  Like all defaults, your best bet is to stick with them
unless you have a need for something else and understand the implications.

If you'd prefer to change back to binary mounts now, you can either re-run
"setup.exe" and respecify your mount points as "Unix" or you can force a
remount of all mount points as binary with the following:

   mount -m >/tmp/mounts
   edit '/tmp/mounts' and change all '-t's to '-b's
   save your edits
   chmod +x /tmp/mounts

You will, of course, have to run through the file-system and change any
scripts you have from text to binary (with 'd2u') for those to work for
you again.  If you're not too far into your installation configuration,
you may find it easier to start to remove what you have and reinstall.

> But I'd say the textmode is not the problem why I cannot start X?

Could be.  At least at one point, not having the fonts directory as
binary was a problem.  You can check the email archives if you're
interested in details.

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